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  • Dr Maliya Musa**

    Head of Department

  • Undergraduate

  • Faculty of Sciences

Course Overview


Entry criteria


Opportunities and Careers

PHY108General Physics Laboratory II100
PHY107General Physics Laboratory I100
PHY103General Physics III100
PHY102General Physics II100
PHY101General Physics I100
MCB102Introductory Medical Microbiology100
MAT102General Mathematics II100
MAT101General Mathematics I100
GST106Communication in Arabic100
GST105Communication in French 100
GST104Use of Library and Study Skills100
GST103Information and Communication Technology (ICT)100
GST102Nigerian Peoples and Culture100
GST101Communication in English I100
CHM108General Chemistry Laboratory II100
CHM107General Chemistry Laboratory I100
CHM102General Chemistry II100
CHM101General Chemistry I100
BIO108General Biology Laboratory II100
BIO107General Biology Laboratory I100
BIO102General Biology II100
BIO101General Biology I100
PHL210Physiology III (GIT, Renal, Reproductive and Endocrine)200
PHL209Physiology I (General Physiology)200
PHL206Gastro-intestinal Physiology200
PHL205Cardiovascular Physiology 200
PHL204ANS & Excitable Tissue Physiology200
PHL204ANS & Excitable Tissue Physiology200
PHL203Introduction to Laboratory Physiology200
PHL202Respiratory Physiology200
PHL202Respiratory Physiology200
PHL201General Physiology, Body Fluids & Blood200
PHL201General Physiology, Body Fluids & Blood200
GST204Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution200
GST203History and Philosophy of Science200
GST202Logic Philosophy and Human Existence200
GST201Communication in English II200
CHM108General Chemistry Laboratory II200
CHM107General Chemistry Laboratory I200
BCH207Basic Enzymology and Intermediary200
BCH206Chemistry of Biomolecules200
ANA209Histology and Embryology200
ANA204Systemic Histology I200
ANA204Systemic Histology I200
ANA202Gross Anatomy of Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis & Perin200
ANA202Gross Anatomy of Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis & Perin200
ANA201Gross Anatomy  of Upper and Lower Limb200
PHL399Students Industrial Work Experience I (SIWES)300
PHL310Introduction to Biostatistics300
PHL308Neurophysiology and Special Senses300
PHL307Human Physiology II (MBBS)300
PHL305Research Methodology and Skills in Physiology300
PHL302Renal Physiology300
PHL301Endocrine Physiolgy300
PHA302General Pharmacology and Chemotheraphy300
PHA301General Principles of Pharmacology300
GST302Venture Creation and Growth300
GST301Entrepreneurship and Innovation300
BCH316Food and Nutritional Biochemistry300
ANA311Gross Anatomy III (Head, Neck, Neuroanatomy300
ANA305Systemic Histology II300
PHL490Seminar Presentations400
PHL412Advanced Neurophysiology400
PHL411Comparative and Environmental Physiology400
PHL408Advance Endocrinology II400
PHL407Laboratory Teaching and Instrumentation II400
PHL406Animal Experimentation400
PHL405Special Senses400
PHL404Advanced Endocrinology I400
PHL403Advanced Gastrointestinal Physiology400
PHL402Advanced Renal Physiology400
PHL401Advanced Cardiovascular Physiology400