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  • Dr Maliya Musa**

    Head of Department

  • Postgraduate

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Course Overview


Entry criteria


Opportunities and Careers

Opportunities and Careers
SCI802ICT and Research Methodology800
SCI801Management and Entrepreneurship800
MTH801 Numerical Methods and Computer Analysis800
GPH827Data Integration Methods800
GPH826Reservoir Characterization800
GPH825 Groundwater Flow and Transport Modelling800
GPH824 Groundwater, Environmental and Engineering Geophysics800
GPH823 Integrated Geophysics800
GPH822Mining Geophysics800
GPH821 Petroleum Geology & Geophysics800
GPH820 Geodynamics800
GPH814Seminar (Non thesis)800
GPH811 Signal Processing800
GPH810 Magnetic Methods800
GPH809 Gravity Methods800
GPH808 Seismic Prospecting800
GPH807 Electrical Methods800
GPH806 Electromagnetic Methods and Remote Sensing800
GPH805 Global Seismology800
GPH804 Nuclear Geophysics and Well Logging800
GPH803 Solid Earth Geophysics800
GPH802 Introduction to Geostatistics800
GPH801 Mathematical Methods for Geophysicists800
GEO802 Hydrogeology800
GEO801 Elements of Geology800
GPH903Seminar I – IV900
GPH902Research Methodology900
GPH901Review of Geophysical Methods900