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  • Dr Maliya Musa**

    Head of Department

  • Undergraduate

  • Sciences

Course Overview


Entry criteria


Opportunities and Careers

Opportunities and Careers
STA102Descriptive Statistics100
PHY108General Physics Laboratory II100
PHY107General Physics Laboratory I100
PHY102General Physics II100
PHY101General Physics I100
MAT101General Mathematics I100
GST106Communication in Arabic100
GST105Communication in French 100
GST104Use of Library and Study Skills100
GST103Information and Communication Technology (ICT)100
GST102Nigerian Peoples and Culture100
GST101Communication in English I100
CSC101Introduction to Computer Science100
CHM108General Chemistry Laboratory II100
CHM107General Chemistry Laboratory I100
CHM102General Chemistry II100
CHM101General Chemistry I100
BIO108General Biology Laboratory II100
BIO107General Biology Laboratory I100
BIO102General Biology II100
BIO101General Biology I100
BCH102Introductory Biochemistry II100
MCB201General Microbiology I200
GST204Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution200
GST203History and Philosophy of Science200
GST202Logic Philosophy and Human Existence200
GST201Communication in English II200
CHM213Analytical Chemistry I200
CHM211Organic Chemistry II200
BIO210Pest Control200
BIO209Chordate Zoology 200
BIO208Lower Invertebrates200
BIO207Seed Plants 200
BIO206Seedless Plants and Fungi200
BIO205Introductory Developmental Cell Biology200
BIO204Biological Techniques200
BIO203General Physiology I200
BIO202Introductory Ecology200
BIO201Genetics I200
BCH202General Biochemistry II200
BCH201General Biochemistry I200
MCB310Environmental Microbiology300
MCB307Immunology 300
GST302Venture Creation and Growth300
GST301Entrepreneurship and Innovation300
BIO398Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme I (SIWES)300
BIO313Aquatic Environmental Pollution300
BIO312Bioethics and Biosafety300
BIO311Radiation Biology300
BIO310Economic Zoology300
BIO309Vertebrates Comparative Anatomy300
BIO307Introductory Nematology300
BIO306General Physiology II300
BIO305Molecular Biology I300
BIO304General Ecology300
BIO303General Cytology300
BIO302Field Course I300
BIO301Genetic Variability and Evolution II300
MCB405Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology400
BIO499Research Project400
BIO498Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme II (SIWES)400
BIO414Parasitology I400
BIO413Nigerian Vegetation400
BIO412Economic Botany400
BIO411Molecular Biology II400
BIO410Field Course II400
BIO409Conservation and Development of Natural Resources400
BIO408Population Ecology400
BIO407Fisheries and Aquaculture400
BIO405Developmental Biology400
BIO404Systematic Biology400
BIO403Soil Ecology400
BIO402Cytogenetics of Plants400
BIO401Population Genetics400
MCB405Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology420
BIO499Research Project420
BIO498Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme II (SIWES)420
BIO414Parasitology I420
BIO413Nigerian Vegetation420
BIO412Economic Botany420
BIO411Molecular Biology II420
BIO410Field Course II420
BIO409Conservation and Development of Natural Resources420
BIO408Population Ecology420
BIO407Fisheries and Aquaculture420
BIO405Developmental Biology420
BIO404Systematic Biology420
BIO403Soil Ecology420
BIO402Cytogenetics of Plants420
BIO401Population Genetics420