Computer Science

Welcome Note

Welcome Note

Computer Science is an important skill in the digital age that we live in. We want to enthuse our students to become the creators of new technology rather than to simply be the consumers. Skills learnt in this subject will help students develop their problem solving skills that will help them in various other subjects and walks of life even if our students do not end up being the next Bill Gates.
Steve Jobs – Co-founder of Apple Inc

We are a young and dynamic department that takes a scientific approach to computing. Our researchers have played a major part in developing modern trends in computing and this is reflected in our teaching, where we have a strong tradition of high-level and innovative courses. The degree have been designed to be demanding and intellectually challenging, and they are scientifically, technologically and industrially relevant. Mathematics provides the logic and language underpinning much of modern computer science, just as it does for physics and engineering, and there is a significant mathematical component to these degrees.

The Head of Department

Farouk Musa Aliyu


BSc. Computer Science

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