Research & Innovation

Professor Yakub Aliyu

BSc(ABU), MSEE(Wales), Ph.D(Wales) PGCE(England),MBA(Lond.) SMIEE(USA), M.Inst. Phys, C.Phys, C.Engr, AMIEE(UK)

Director Research and Innovation

The Directorate of Research and Innovation (R & I) is created by the Vice Chancellor and the functions reports directly to Vice Chancellor. The function is mandated by N.U.C for the purpose of developing, Coordinating and monitoring research policies in the University.

Mission: It Is The University Functional Research, Administration Office.

  • It saddles with the responsibilities of providing information, collating, administering, managing and coordinating research Activities in the University.
  • It also facilitate Sponsorship, monitoring and evaluate research processes and progress in the University.
  • It also ensures the effective monitoring and evaluation of Quality research in the University.
  • Expected to report Quantity to N.U.C Quality

Other Secondary Responsibilities

  • Collaboration and Institutional Partnership
  • Internal Revenue Generation
  • Enterprises Development
  • Academic quality programme
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Industry Partnership.

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