CSBE Directorate

Professor M. A. Sohag

Director Center for sustainable Built Environment (CSBE)
Federal University Birnin-Kebbi

Centre for Sustainable Built Environment

1)Establishment of CSBE
The north-west part of Nigeria is facing some serious environmental issues like desertification, waterlogging, excess energy consumption, floods and climate change. In 2013, Federal Government of Nigeria established a new university in Kebbi state called Federal University Birnin Kebbi where Faculty of Environmental Sciences has been established to address these typical issues. It may be added that in the whole North-West Nigeria, Faculty of Environmental Sciences has been introduced only in FUBK. The Center for Sustainable Built Environment (CSBE) has been established within the Faculty of Environmental Sciences which acts in close coordination with all the stakeholders and players in resolving local and regional socio-economic and environmental problems besides carrying research and development activities. These goals are to be achieved through qualified & experienced staff with the participation of all segments of the society.
The major sustainable development challenges are;

  1. Desertification.
  2. Poor agricultural drainage.
  3. Excess energy consumption in the buildings.
  4. Frequent river floods.
  5. Climate change.
  6. Low income & poverty.
  7. Lack of education.
  8. Lack of Technical & Vocational training.

2)Vision & Mission
The vision of CSBE is to provide a platform for education, training, research and development in sustainable design solutions and new innovative technologies that meet the local environmental and socio-economic conditions of the sub-region. The Center for Sustainable Built Environment aims to produce environmental scientists, technologists and researchers in the field of sustainable design and future buildings for the sub-region. The CSBE has short and long term objectives where the main focus on the capacity building of the stakeholders for their sustainble development. Although CSBE is establsihed only recently, however, it has embarked on its objectives by participating in research projects, joint ventures, solution of local and regional issues with the involvement of the stakeholders.

3)Collaboration & Stakeholders Participation
The CSBE strongly believes in a frank and open environment for the sharing of ideas to help in the involvement of all concerned. The students are encouraged, belonging to different parts of Nigeria, to come out with their ideas and share their experiences for better understanding of socio-economic and environmental problems and help in their pragmatic solutions. In the research proposals, a mechanism is derived where duties of all the participating members are clearly defined. The Team Leader has to ensure that everybody is providing his/her input in a proficient manner without the interference of others. Besides, there are regular interactive meetings for the sharing of ideas and also to help in moving to the right direction. The Center is very much alive to the local issues. The main market of Birnin Kebbi caught a serious fire in the night between 2016. It gutted almost a substantial number of shops and rendered many in a very helpless condition overnight. Realizing the limited capacity of the concerned people, Director CSBE alongwith his team visited the affected area in person and investigated as a researcher to look into the reasons of fire and their remedial measures. In this regard, it met the affected people, government officials, market managers and stakeholders. A comprehensive report was prepared to the university which forwarded to the Kebbi State Government for its consideration and implementation. The CSBE organized the 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy in Sokoto with the collaboration of Sokoto Energy Research Center. The conference atracted participation from various parts of the world, who delibrated and presented their research outputs for the solution of energy crises in Nigeria and other places with sustainable and feasible solutions. It also works with public and private departments and NGOs. Recently, assisted budding youth for enterpreneurship opportunties arranged by office of the Executive Governor, Kebbi State, through Senior Special Advisor Hon. Usman Ali Buhari Gwandu. It was a very good platform for the youth to contribute significantly to the economy of Nigeria by becoming innovative enterpreneurs. The center is fostering partnership with others to bring sustainability and development.

Contact person
Mumtaz Ahmed Sohag
Professor / Director
Center for Sustainable Built Environment
Faculty of Environmental Sciences
Federal University Birnin Kebbi
Kebbi State, Nigeria.
+234 7081837683

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